Army Storage SupplymanEnlisted


Job Detail

Supervises and performs management or stock record/warehouse functions.

Establishes and maintains stock records and other documents such as inventory, materiel control, accounting and supply reports; establishes and maintains automated and manual accounting records, posts receipts and turn-ins, and performs dues-ins and dues-outs accounting; operates materiel handling equipment (MHE); performs property disposal storage functions; ensures application of special procedures for handling, storing, packaging and shipping retrograde material; retrieves and analyzes history and activity files pertinent to system rejected documents; recommends additions and deletions to authorized stockage list; maintains accounting records of property disposal activity; determines current and projected repair requirements; directs lateral redistribution of stock.

Supervises operation of organizations performing supply and related service operations such as transportation, property disposal and commissary operations; supervises management of materiel support functions in stock control and accounting, procurement, inventory control and item financial management; supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps sketches, overlays and related data to employ supply and service organizations; contributes to staff development and operations of supply support data systems, equipment review, salvage and repair parts supply procedures, and maintenance support systems; supervises preparation of orders, operating instructions, reports and related technical materials; performs liaison between staff and supported soldiers to improve effectiveness of support activities; provides advice and makes recommendations to the commander and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers and their families; accompanies the commander on inspections, visits and ceremonies; assists in inspection of command activities, facilities and personnel as prescribed by the commander; ensures adherence to command policies; holds First Sergeants' or Sergeants' Major call to announce information and instruction; ensures that newly assigned enlisted personnel are instructed in military courtesy, customs of the service and command regulations or policies; responsible for monitoring training or conducts training of enlisted soldiers; assesses training at all levels and provides feedback to appropriate commanders and leaders; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers of the command; responsible for and provides guidance on Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) and Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP); inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command; serves as president or member of command promotion board or removal board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; sits as chairperson or member of a command's Military Member of the Quarter/Year competition for enlisted soldiers or NCOs, as directed by local regulations; responsible for quality, control and training of noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER) while ensuring timely submissions; reviews evaluation reports to determine compliance with policies and procedures and recommends corrective actions on deficiencies to commanders, other leaders and rating officials; performs other duties prescribed by the commander; assists in the professional development of junior and company grade officer.

Conducts inspections and provides technical assistance to storage activities; assists in development and preparation of operations information including plans, maps, sketches, overlays, and other data related to supply organization employment; performs liaison and staff duties in a supply and maintenance activity or in a command and staff logistics activity.

Similar Name
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