Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN)Warrant Officer

740A MOS

Job Detail

Manage the technical aspects of CBRN response operations.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; serves as the most senior CBRN technician in positions that require unusual depth and breadth of technical knowledge for functional training and curriculum development or major systems integration skills; provides technical advice and assistance in regards to CBRN defense activities at the Army level, to include all aspects of training, personnel, doctrine, force structure, requirements and use/maintenance of CBRN defense systems; develop, review and updates the life-cycle management of the CBRN technician's structure and force; perform duties as proponent level personnel systems integrator; instructs and monitors students in a service school environment.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; serves as a CBRN technician in mid-level management positions; generally at brigade level organizations and Technical Escort Battalions; serves as a team member of a Joint Response Team in a Technical Escort Battalion; serves as the commander's senior technical advisor/analyst in all areas of CBRN defense operations for the organization's mission responsibilities; serves as the senior CBRN technician in positions requiring advanced level staff technical skills; generally at Division and Corps level; positions requiring independence from supervision; responsible for coordinating the CBRN defense activities with all subordinate units and integrating CBRN defense programs with higher echelon organizations; provides direct interface with elements involved in joint, interagency, intergovernmental, multinational (JIIM), and combined arms CBRN operations; serves in positions requiring advanced technical skills to perform duties related to CBRN defense training and evaluation and the development of standard operating policy and doctrine; instructs and provides technical advice in the management and maintenance of CBRN defense systems.

Serves as a technician or technical manager in a narrow technical functional area, generally at battalion level organizations; additionally, may serve in junior level position in organizations where other senior CBRN Warrant Officer(s) are assigned; manage the technical aspects of CBRN response operations; instruct, manage and supervise personnel within a battalion CBRN staff concerning CBRN defense procedures; provide technical guidance to personnel of supported units/activities in order to establish and maintain adequate CBRN defense techniques for mission accomplishment; manage the assignment of duties, spot checks work adequacy and instructs and supervises subordinates in work techniques and procedures; estimate requirements for personnel, equipment, user/organizational maintenance and repair of CBRN defense systems; review, consolidate and prepare technical reports associated with CBRN defense activities in assigned unit; supervise quality surveillance operation; assist command and staff officers in appraisals of CBRN defense preparedness; assist in coordination and implementation of operations, training programs, administrative matters and communication activities; develop standard operating procedures and performs administrative duties related to CBRN defense operations.

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