Army Pharmacy SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Prepares, controls and issues pharmaceutical products under the supervision of a pharmacist or physician, or supervises pharmacy activities.

Supervise pharmacy operations; performs duties shown in preceding level of skill; ensure compliance with quality control methods and procedures; assist in compiling information for Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Meetings; assist in revision and update of hospital formulary or drug list; reviews work schedules; establishes, reviews, evaluates and makes necessary revisions to training programs; ensure compliance with Army and Federal rules, laws and regulations relative to pharmacy operations; directs and supervises supply inventories; reviews established stock levels to ensure compliance with command guidance; reviews requisitions for standard and nonstandard items and emergency medications; reviews, consolidates and prepares technical, personnel and administrative reports; assists pharmacist in personnel matters; prepare manpower survey reports; coordinate pharmacy and personnel matters pertaining to pharmacy with other elements of medical treatment facility; review operations to ensure compliance with Joint Commission Accreditation Hospital Organizations (JCAHO) standards; assists in organizing, and coordinating the company/battalion/brigade and supporting unit's operations; serves as the noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) of the operations in the absence of the Executive/Operations Officer; advises the Company/Battalion/Brigade Commander on the current and future employment of the unit; maintains the current operational status of the unit; organizes, deploys and supervises the field Tactical Operations Center (TOC).

Prepare, control and issue pharmaceutical products; performs prescription handling and dispensing under close supervision, manually or using a computerized system; receives, interprets, compounds, manufactures, fills, labels, issues and files prescription, bulk drug, sterile product and/or unit dose orders; evaluate orders to verify dosage, dosage regimen and quantity to be dispensed; check for completeness and correctness and for common interactions, incompatibilities and availability; refers questionable orders or questions on basic formulation to supervisor for clarification; reduces or enlarges formulas, as required; calculates and annotates proper dosage; evaluates completed orders to ensure integrity of final product; provide information regarding availability, strength and composition of medications to physicians or pharmacists; verifies patient eligibility for receipt of medication; provide instructions to patients regarding medication consumption and side effects; perform quality control checks on medications; issue medication to patients, wards, clinics and other using agencies; supply, administration and maintenance; assigns and records prescription numbers; delivers unit dose, sterile products, bulk drug and controlled drug orders; prepares prescription labels and affixes auxiliary labels; maintain signature cards and prescription files; prepares and maintains files of controlled substances stock cards, records and work units; maintains master formula record, batch sheet and patient medication record; maintain pharmacy reference files and publication library; prepares and files pharmaceutical reports; prepare requisitions for and receives, packs, unpacks, stores, safeguards and accounts for inventories; controls and issue pharmaceutical and pharmacy supplies; inspects, calibrates, operates and performs preventive maintenance on common pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment; cleans and disinfects pharmacy equipment and work areas; packs, unpacks, loads and unloads equipment and assists in setting up unit equipment; prepares, controls and issues pharmaceutical products to include chemotherapeutics; evaluate sterile products and orders to include calculations, identification of drug interactions and drug compatibilities; maintain pharmacy system database; assists with or supervises pharmacy operations; prescription handling and dispensing; refers questionable drug orders or questions on basic formulation to appropriate professional for clarification; prepare master formula cards and drug control ledgers; reviews and updates compounding formula reference file; supervise requisitioning of standard and non-standard supplies; establishes and maintains stock levels; researches and interprets pharmaceutical supply catalogs; dispose of unserviceable and outdated pharmaceuticals; organizes work schedules, assigns duties and instructs subordinates in work techniques, procedures and evaluates pharmacy operations; establishes work priorities and distributes work load; inspect pharmacy area to ensure orderly, clean and safe environment; supervise operational maintenance program of pharmacy equipment; prepares and conducts training programs; evaluates personnel performance, counsels personnel and prepares evaluation reports; prepares and updates pharmacy Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); assists in organizing, and coordinating the company/battalion/brigade and supporting unit's operations; serves as the noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) of the operations in the absence of the Executive/Operations Officer.

Serves as the principal non-commissioned officer who supervises, and performs related duties as the senior advisor to Commanders, Directors and Chiefs of Departments and staff agencies on all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel; performs these duties in multifunctional medical and dental treatment facilities, medical staff activities or in medical units formed under the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) or Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) concept; carries out policies and standard of the performance, training, appearance and conduct of enlisted personnel; advises and initiates recommendations to the commander and staff in matters pertaining to the local NCO support channel.

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