Army Health Services Maintenance TechnicianWarrant Officer

670A MOS

Job Detail

Supervises personnel and allocates resources to install, maintain and repair optical, dental, and medical equipment.

Supervises personnel and allocates resources to install, maintain and repair optical, dental, and medical technical diagnostic and treatment equipment and medical laboratory equipment at organizational and intermediate direct support level; supervises personnel who maintain equipment and utilities is associated health service support fields; distributes workload among subordinate and makes in process and quality assurance inspections of work; repairs, modifies, and rehabilitates medical systems and subsystems; performs scheduled (preventive maintenance) and unscheduled (repair) services on medical and related equipment; serves as technical consultant to all members of the hospital staff for maintenance matters; serves as contracting officer's representative for equipment installation or service contracts; instructs personnel in use of equipment and its care; reviews internal operating procedures; instructs subordinates on section operations and repair procedures; acquires and provides data regarding budget, maintenance, supply, and safety as required; compiles data for material status reports DA Form 2406 (Materiel Condition Status Report); provides training to subordinates in military, administrative, and technical matters; takes action in support of the procurement of medical equipment; reads and interprets for other electrical diagrams, schematic drawings, engineering specifications, and blueprints; provides data in support of research, development, test and evaluation of medical equipment; supervises maintenance of organic equipment, tools, and test sets; prepares drawings, sketches, notes and other materials for installation of equipment; develops plans for design and layout of equipment facilities for medical laboratory, operating room, sterile supply, etc.; presents written or oral briefings to line, staff, and professional personnel on maintenance related subject matter; provides technical data to implement automated maintenance management systems; inspects inoperative equipment, develops cost estimates for repair, and makes appropriate recommendations to Commander regarding economies of repair or replacement; advises on and supervises use of oscilloscopes, voltmeters and other test equipment to isolate equipment malfunctions; performs other officer level duties essential to the mission of the unit to which assigned.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; develops maintenance policy and procedures for use by all AMEDD commands and organizations; performs duties as an intermediate general support or depot support maintenance officer providing corps or theater level maintenance support to a variety of health care organizations/units; responsible for overall readiness and mission performance factors related to maintenance.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; responsible for the maintenance elements of life cycle systems management; develops programs to enhance training of other warrant officer and enlisted MOSs; provides maintenance policy and guidance through the Surgeon General to all major commands and theater of operations; represents the Army Medical Department at DoD level committees, boards, and joint working groups.

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