Air Force Financial ManagementOfficer

65F3 MOS

Job Detail

Leads, plans, organizes, manages, and accomplishes financial management activities in support of daily operations and war-fighting mission. Included in these financial programs and operations, accounting liaison and pay services; budget preparation and execution; program, cost, and economic analysis; and nonappropriated fund oversight, audit management, bank liaison, policy and procedures, fiscal law, internal controls and quality assurance. Identifies management problems, develops special studies and analyses to develop alternatives and recommend solutions. Provides decision support serving as financial adviser to commander and staff.

a minimum of 18 months of experience is mandatory in financial management assignments.

Plans, organizes, develops techniques and establishes internal controls to manage financial services and analysis operations. Determines organizational structure, personnel, training needs, and security requirements for safeguarding entrusted assets. Establishes performance standards, work schedules, and priorities. Develops, reviews, coordinates, and executes financial management plans to support peacetime, exercise, contingency, and wartime operations. Establishes training program for functional professional development. Directs financial management activities. Supervises, manages, and administers financial services and/or analysis activities. These include reviewing adequacy of internal controls and quality of services; providing assistance and performing cost estimates and economic analysis; and overseeing funds distribution and management. Establishes performance standards to evaluate cost and efficiency. Inspects, reviews, and evaluates effectiveness of work methods, procedures, and personnel. Provides customer service. Interacts and coordinates with organizations on financial matters. Interprets financial directives. Coordinates financial management activities. Advises commander and staff on status and progress of command programs. Coordinates with commander, staff, and units in developing and executing financial plans, schedules, and programs. Advises, coordinates, and makes recommendations on validity and propriety of requirements, effective allocation and use of financial resources, and redistribution of resources within fund limitations. Verifies estimated costs are realistic and reasonable. Coordinates on deficiencies noted in reports from audits, and inspections. Maintains liaison with other agencies to develop standards for financial management policy and procedures. Performs financial management functions. Formulates guidelines for phasing in projected programs and mission changes. Assures identification of required financial resources. Provides forecasts of financial posture. Engages and assists in preparing, programming actions for future year budget requirements. Prepares, justifies and submits financial plan, budget estimates and supplemental budget requirements. Ensures validity of obligations within the language of appropriation acts, current laws, and governing directives. Maintains statutory responsibility for preventing over-obligation of appropriated funds through funds certification. Collects, analyzes, and interprets resource data. Establishes procedures and safeguards against fraud and fund losses. Evaluates impact of legislative action, executive orders and Comptroller General decisions on financial operations. Formulates financial management policies and procedures. Provides professional advice and management skills in developing and maintaining banking and credit union services. Provides analysis, policy, and oversight for nonappropriated fund financial management. Conducts analyses supporting cost projection and resource utilization effectiveness. Performs, reviews, and certifies adequacy of cost comparisons and economic analyses. Conducts financial management and information studies. Prepares studies evaluating the effects of changes in policies, procedures, and technology. Prepares findings and recommendations for presentation to commander and staff. Maintains proficiency and trains other in financial management contingency/war fighting.

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