Air Force AuditorOfficer

65A3 MOS

Job Detail

Conducts and manages audits of effectiveness and efficiency of Air Force systems and operations. Administers audit programs within scope of established authority, including technical supervision over lower echelon; reviews systems and internal controls; and supports audits of all levels of Air Force operations.

Conducts audit activities. Determines compliance with policies, directives, procedures and standards of performance. Accomplishes administrative actions required in execution of assigned responsibilities. Performs all audit work in accordance with applicable US Comptroller General, Department of Defense, and Air Force directives. Performs technical audit functions. Surveys systems and controls to determine scope of audit. Evaluates management systems and internal controls to determine if they are adequate in concept, effective and efficient in application, and provide requisite financial integrity. Appraises performance under and ascertains extent of compliance with laws, policies, and directives. Analyzes management data to evaluate techniques, approaches, trends, and future requirements. Prepares audit work papers showing nature and extent of audit work performed. Informs commanders and other staff personnel of audit findings by means of reports, surveys, analyses, and briefings. Provides recommendations for improvement in financial and management policies and procedures. Resolves complex audit and management problems. Prepares statistical reports reflecting results of audit operations. Formulates audit procedures and policies. Develops broad audit policy subject to authority, direction, and control of higher Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA) echelons. Studies and analyzes governmental and commercial systems and auditing methods for applicability to Air Force programs. Devises audit procedures and methods to measure reliability of financial and operational management information needed for effective and efficient management. Develops training policies, methods, and procedures, including objectives, approaches, and reporting. Determines resource requirements to support facets of the audit process. Plans, organizes, and directs audit activities. Identifies workload requirements and establishes objectives of performance; plans, schedules, and makes audit assignments; and reviews and evaluates progress of work performed and methods used by audit personnel. Reviews and surveys audit operations to determine overall effectiveness and efficiency, status of training, and compliance with policies and procedures, and prescribes corrective action where needed. Coordinates audit programs and activities. Confers with audit, inspection, and investigative activities in the Air Force, other military services, government agencies, and industrial concerns to exchange information and keep informed on current interest areas.

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