Army Physician AssistantWarrant Officer

600A MOS

Job Detail

Provides limited primary and specialized care of the sick.

Knows role of The Surgeon General, medical facilities, and personnel in providing medical support to the military community; provides limited primary and specialized care of the sick and wounded under the guidance and supervision of a physician to all categories of patients (active duty), family members, and retired; orders appropriate diagnostic X-ray and laboratory procedures to support or aid in diagnosis and treatment plan; interviews patients to collect historical personal and health data to compile comprehensive medical histories; examines, diagnoses, and treats or prescribes courses of treatment and medications for sick and wounded personnel in troop medical clinics, field units, fixed outpatient clinics, or other medical treatment facilities; interprets information in health records for application to current condition; knows channels for consultation and referral of patients requiring special procedures or a physician's evaluation; understands basic epidemiologic principles involved in the transmission of disease; recognizes or suspects infectious diseases, and knows the control, prevention, and reporting actions that are immediately necessary; provides initial treatment for organic confusional states, suicidal states, alcoholism, and drug dependency behavior, and emotional disorders; classifies patients in accordance with their ailments and sets priorities for their evacuation when necessary; in the absence of a physician, is the primary source of advice to determine the medical necessity, priority, and requirements for patient evacuation; knows types and methods of medical evacuation available and has the ability to prioritize and prepare patients for evacuation by the most appropriate means; organizes, instructs, and supervises enlisted soldiers and civilian personnel in first aid, personal hygiene, field sanitation, heat and cold injury, drug abuse, other health hazards, and the technical aspects of patient care and treatment; supervises preparation of reports pertaining to medical activities; operates equipment routinely used in care and treatment of patients; supervises preventive medical programs to prevent potential zoonotic and foodborne diseases; conserves health of personnel by application of diversified knowledge of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures; performs routine periodic medical examinations, as required in AR 40-501 (para 3-2b) on individuals in the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) (See AR 40-48, chap 3, para 3-2g).

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; responsible for providing guidance and technical input to subordinate elements or other staff elements; instructs, develops, conducts, or supervises the instruction of students; performs the duties of Career Management or Consultant to The Surgeon General at the DA staff level.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; provides technical guidance and direction to warrant officer level Physician Assistants; manages subordinate personnel, facilities, and equipment required to staff and operate troop clinics, or other military activities and organizations; as clinic OIC, directs the technical aspects of enlisted medical personnel or appropriate civilian medical personnel; as a staff officer, provides medical advice on health and welfare of troops to commander.

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