Army Legal AdministratorWarrant Officer

550A MOS

Job Detail

Manages overall military and civilian administrative functions of an Army Legal Office.

Manages overall military and civilian administrative functions of an Army Legal Office; directs Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Information Management functions such as correspondence, telecommunications, records management, automation, reprographics, micrographics, forms, printing and publications and visual aids; directs training of personnel in operation of computers, peripherals, and all off-line equipment; analyzes legal operations to determine where automated systems will enhance legal services; reviews internal automated legal research utilization reports; is Chief Paralegal Administrator for Administrative Law, Claims, Criminal Law, Legal Assistance, International Law (where applicable), and administrative support services of either a Staff Judge Advocate office of a headquarters having general court-martial jurisdiction, or Staff Judge Advocate of a major command; evaluates management data to determine how to maximize existing legal support, resources, improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations, management, and training; develops and prepares reports pertaining to manpower staffing and utilization programs, manpower survey documents, and organization studies for legal services systems; develops fiscal requirements, executes program budget guidance, authenticates funding obligations, and monitors all such requirements; implements Army Law Library service policies, procedures, and systems; authenticates legal and administrative documents; reviews and develops technical correspondence and reports; provides procedural instruction and guidance to or advises legal officers, commanders and staff, and senior legal noncommissioned officers in comprehensive legal technical areas; ensures technical procedures are complied with in preparation of legal and administrative documents; performs legal research, drafts documents, memoranda, and administrative opinions; coordinates legal ADP communication in a tactical environment.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; responsible for MOS proponency and career management functions.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; provides guidance and technical assistance to subordinate legal elements and/or other staff elements.

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