Army PlumberEnlisted


Job Detail

Installs and repairs pipe systems and fixtures for water, hot air, gas, steam, petroleum, compressed air, and waste disposal system.

Must be qualified as Construction Foreman (51H40); must know technical mission, responsibilities, and operations of company to which assigned; must know techniques and tactics pertaining to unit defense; must know military subjects including drill and parade formations, field sanitation, field mess operations, selection of bivouac areas, and use of unit weapons; must know Army clerical, personnel, and administrative procedures, regulations, and directives applicable to company operations; must know format of Army correspondence, format of company orders, preparation of morning report, maintenance of duty rosters, and regulations governing mail service at company level; must know channels servicing company; must know fundamentals of requisitioning and storage of rations, preparation and serving of food, and care of mess equipment to assure that unit mess meets prescribed standards; must know office management and supervisory techniques and responsibilities; must know military organization and procedures applicable to battalion and higher echelon headquarters; must know publications and directives governing Army administrative procedures; must know precedence of military directives; must know Army chain of command and lines of communication; must know organization and operation of administrative message centers; must know precautions to be exercised in handling classified material; must know directives and procedures governing publication and distribution of military orders, bulletins, circulars, and memorandums; must be able to read and utilize TOE, TDA, and supply manuals; must be able to plan, coordinate, and supervise activities pertaining to organization, training, and technical operations of construction battalion or unit of comparable size; must be able to inspect structures and facilities constructed or repaired by an engineer brigade; must be able to use directives, manuals, and regulations to locate specific policies and procedures; must be able to plan, coordinate, and supervise activities pertaining to organization, training, and tactical and technical operations of group or brigade concerned primarily with construction work.

Must be qualified in appropriate construction specialty (Group 51); must know basic mathematics; must know duties of carpenters, structural workers, and masons; must know standard construction techniques; must know capabilities and limitations of all types of heavy construction equipment; must know general engineering principles to provide accommodation for desired loads; must know safety regulations and first aid, particularly as applied to heavy equipment and explosives; must know methods of reinforcing existing structures to correct faulty construction or to increase load capacity; must know graphic representations of construction plans and fundamentals of drafting techniques; must know characteristics of all types of commercial and military explosives; must know characteristics of various types of construction materials such as structural steel and concrete under all types of climatic conditions; must know construction intelligence procedures to include collection, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and dissemination of intelligence information pertaining to construction projects, procedures, and requirements; must be able to read construction blueprints; must be able to estimate supply needs and time limits for construction projects; must be able to devise expedient methods for making emergency repairs; must be able to estimate runoff for drainage areas; must be able to estimate utilities requirements for various types of structures; must be able to compute stresses of various types of material under different conditions; must be able to inspect bridges, structures, and facilities to assure that specifications are being adhered to and that appropriate construction procedures and techniques are being followed by engineer battalion, group, or unit of comparable size.

Must know standard plumbing and pipefitting methods and procedures; must know pertinent safety regulations and accident prevention measures; must know sanitary regulations and practices relating to plumbing; must be able to use plumbing and pipefitting tools and equipment; must be able to read and understand specifications, blueprints, and drawings relating to plumbing or pipefitting; must be able to explain and demonstrate techniques and procedures in plumbing and pipefitting; must be able to conduct inspections of plumbing facilities.

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