Air Force Pathologist, MicrobiologyOfficer


Job Detail

Diagnoses diseases by performing pathological examinations of body tissue; manages clinical laboratory services.

For award of AFSC 44D3X, completion of an additional residency or fellowship program related to the suffix and acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF is mandatory.

Same as junior tasks.

Diagnoses diseases by performing necropsies and pathological examination of body tissues. Analyzes case histories. Prepares tissues for microscopic examination. Diagnoses nature and source of pathological conditions causing illness and death. Interprets and correlates findings. Prepares diagnostic reports. Manages clinical laboratory services. Formulates plans and procedures for clinical laboratory services. Schedules and assigns medical technicians in clinical pathological procedures related to such subjects as hematology, bacteriology, serology, biochemistry, and parasitology. Directs medical officers and technicians in performing such anatomical pathological examinations as biopsies and necropsies involving preparation of tissue for microscopic analysis. Evaluates such laboratory functions as chemical analysis of body fluids and production of antigens and sera. Advises on kind and quantity of medical laboratory supplies and equipment. Coordinates clinical laboratory services with other medical activities. Instructs interns and residents in pathological and clinical pathological laboratory reports. Directs preparation of pathological diagnostic records. Serves as consultant on tissue and clinical pathology.

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