Army Reproduction Equipment RepairmanEnlisted


Job Detail

Repairs and rebuilds reproduction equipment to include offset presses, plate graining and coating machines.

Supervises large photolithographic activity or serves as a control or staff noncommissioned officer in such activities; supervises placing of mobile vans for operation; sets up and utilizes control and scheduling systems used in photo- lithographic operations; organizes and coordinates work flow of raw materials and finished production; makes oral and written administrative and operational reports on personnel and material involved in reproduction activities; estimates and evaluates unit's photolithographic work and supply requirements.

Must have thorough knowledge of function, construction, and assembly of all types of reproduction equipment authorized for maintenance and repair; must know how to interpret micrometer readings on precision measuring instruments; must know how to read and interpret sketches, blueprints, and specifications manuals; must know how to draw simple sketches of mechanical parts; must know how to rebabbitt and fit bearings.

Similar Name
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