Army Avionic Flight Systems RepairerEnlisted


Job Detail

The avionic flight systems repairer performs intermediate maintenance on avionic navigation flight control and stabilization equipment.

Develops and implements unit level electronic maintenance programs; develops and enforces policy and procedures for facility management; organizes work schedules and instructs subordinate personnel in the technical maintenance of field communications and electronics equipment and systems, and associated devices; ensures repair of COMSEC devices complies with published security requirements; provides advice and technical assistance to commanders; requests logistic support; assimilates and prepares reports and maintenance statistics; interprets Army maintenance policy and writes technical and operational procedures used in command electronic maintenance operations; serves as material management staff noncommissioned officer in field and garrison electronic maintenance operations; inspects assigned electronic maintenance activities for compliance with repair priorities, quality control, and shop practices; advises commander and staff on all aspects of electronic maintenance operations.

The senior electronic maintenance chief plans and directs electronic maintenance operations at all levels of command and echelons of the Army; performs electronic maintenance staff functions; provides technical advice to commanders and staff concerning Army electronic maintenance and electronic logistic support matters; writes directives, policies and procedures which establishes Army electronic maintenance requirements; serves as senior staff noncommissioned officer (NCO) in electronic maintenance school staff; provides advice and makes recommendations to the commander and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers and their families; accompanies the commander on inspections, visits and ceremonies; assists in inspection of command activities, facilities and personnel as prescribed by the commander; ensures adherence to command policies; holds First Sergeants' or Sergeants' Major call to announce information and instruction; ensures that newly assigned enlisted personnel are instructed in military courtesy, customs of the service and command regulations or policies; responsible for monitoring training or conducts training of enlisted soldiers; assesses training at all levels and provides feedback to appropriate commanders and leaders; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers of the command; responsible for and provides guidance on Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) and Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP); inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command; serves as president or member of command promotion board or removal board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; sits as chairperson or member of a command's Military Member of the Quarter/Year competition for enlisted soldiers or NCOs, as directed by local regulations; responsible for quality, control and training of noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER) while ensuring timely submissions; reviews evaluation reports to determine compliance with policies and procedures and recommends corrective actions on deficiencies to commanders, other leaders and rating officials; performs other duties prescribed by the commander; assists in the professional development of junior and company grade officer.

Performs intermediate and depot maintenance on avionic navigation, flight control and stabilization systems that include the following: (a) Marker beacons; (b) Radio direction finders; (c) VOR and glideslope receivers; (d) Automatic flight controls; (e) Stability augmentation systems; (f) Automatic stabilization systems; (g) Aircraft magnetic compasses; and (h) altitude/heading navigation systems; localizes and diagnoses causes of equipment malfunction or nonfunction with common and specialized hand tools or test equipment; replaces faulty components and individual parts as required; traces circuitry, tests, aligns and adjusts repaired equipment for proper functioning; alters or modifies material according to modification work orders using prescribed procedures; prepares forms and records related to aircraft and avionic equipment maintenance; performs unit level maintenance on special test equipment used in the repairing off light systems and repairs faulty printed circuit boards; schedules maintenance and calibration on tools and test equipment; evaluates maintenance operations and facilities for compliance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, safety procedures, and operational policies; performs maintenance trend analysis and applies production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures to avionic flight systems equipment repair operations; instructs personnel and conducts technical training in avionic flight systems maintenance, supply, and safety techniques; evaluates the technical training program; monitors requisition of parts, tools, and supplies.

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