Army Information Systems TechnicianWarrant Officer

251A MOS

Job Detail

Manages personnel and equipment assets associated with Battlefield Automation System (BAS), Automated Information Systems (AIS), Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

Is proficient in duties described for CMF 4 listed in the duties paragraph in MOS 250N, 251A or 254A; coordinates contracting, procurement, and material acquisition programs and manages the development of training packages to ensure Army soldiers are prepared to operate and maintain new systems proper to fielding; serves as technical and tactical advisor for signal systems at any echelon of command or support activity of the US Army or Joint Staff Sections assigned to Theater CINS or allied armies; provides leadership, guidance, technical input, and direction to subordinate elements, staff agencies and field commanders up to and including theater Army level; manages the assignment of Signal Regiment warrant officers world-wide; provides coordination between military and industry during development, testing, and fielding of new information technology equipment; develops policy and provides guidance for management of theater information networks.

Performs the duties described in preceding skill levels; conducts systems analysis, design, development, implementation, and acceptance testing; performs AIS operations management to include developing the lifecycle implementation plan, hardware test plan, hardware installation plan, system integration plan, and software test plan; evaluates new AIS acquisition plan for echelons Corps and below; prepares sole source requests and standard requirement contract (SRC) for AIS; develops the IMP; provides technical guidance and direction to subordinate operating elements; plans, coordinates and conducts IA event analysis and response; plans, coordinates and conducts IA policies and security procedures; conduct DOD Information Technical Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) for networks, systems and workstations; detect and take corrective action on security violations and possible internal and external intrusions; supervise IA security measures and provide IA guidance and support to subordinate units; detect, identify and neutralize network and system security threats; manage network connectivity to include unclassified but sensitive Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET), Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET), Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN), Defense Switched Network (DSN), related Private Branch Exchange (PBX) services and video teleconferencing; provide Information Dissemination System (IDS) management for Secret and unclassified networks including firewall management; provide Transport Assemblage Perimeter Protection (TAPP) management; plans, coordinates and conducts IA vulnerability testing and report generation; analysis and assess Signal C4 vulnerabilities; detect, report and neutralize enemy offensive network and system security threats; supervise IA security measures; consults with staff officers and commanders at Corps level and above to define priorities and provides technical guidance for the interface between organizations and echelons; provides technical guidance and direction to subordinate operating and staff elements.

Manages personnel and equipment assets associated with BAS, AIS, Internet Protocol (IP) networks to include the internet working of systems; performs configuration management; develops maintenance program for organizational BAS/AIS; execute BAS/AIS recovery procedures; executes the system integration plan; develops a software installation plan; evaluates present AIS requirements to validate Information Management Plan (IMP); prepares Mission Element Need Statement (MENS) to acquire new AIS systems; implements security training and awareness programs; implements Information Systems Security (ISS) training plans; conducts AIS security inspections; prepares and evaluates the AIS accreditation plan; prepares AIS re-accreditation documentation; develops contingency operation measures (COM) for tactical internet and monitors implementation; directs BAS/AIS network operating system (NOS) software installation and the installation of BAS/AIS application software on a server; directs the setup of a personal computer (RC) for stand-alone operation; develops standing operating procedures (SOP) for a BAS/AIS network; diagnoses BAS/AIS malfunctioning components and directs necessary corrective action; evaluates new software for AIS; designs a tactical BAS/AIS network to support Corps and below; directs BAS/AIS network hardware installation and integration of BAS/AIS into a tactical network; implements a tactical intranet/web at Corps and below; implements a tactical video teleconferencing system; performs systems administration of tactical BAS/AIS and network administration of tactical BAS/AIS; directs training of personnel in the installation, operation, administration, and maintenance of tactical BAS/AIS, internet-works, and video teleconferencing systems; provide system administration and Local Area Network (LAN) management for Corps Main, Tactical Command Post (TAC) and rear Command Post (CP); plans, installs, operates and maintains signal network support to Battle Field Functional Area information systems; configure network and computer systems access restrictions; identify, report and initiate corrective action to eliminate network and computer systems virus infections; coordinate and conduct Information Assurance (IA) training for command.

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