Army Geospatial EngineeringWarrant Officer

215D MOS

Job Detail

Coordinates and supervises the collection, analysis, and processing of geospatial information.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; develops new geospatial engineer doctrine, organizational structure, methods and equipment to be utilized in the topographic field; identifies necessary changes to 215D duty titles, qualifications, job descriptions, and accessions requirements.

Coordinates and supervises the collection, analysis, and processing of geospatial information; validates geospatial information accuracy and directs GIS database development, and maintenance; identifies topographic requirements for Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) and the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP); directs and supervises the production of graphic, tactical decision aids to support the military decision making process; plans topographic support at the operational level; coordinates with Staff Weather Officer (SWO) all requirements for critical weather information and determines the impact of weather on ground operations; directs and supervises system administration of multiple geospatial information systems on a LAN and WAN; coordinates actions with staff elements at the brigade and division level; manages reproduction and distribution of hardcopy and digital products; performs staff briefings and graphic presentations at all levels of command; performs analysis of remotely sensed imagery; prepares topographic orders and annexes; integrates geospatial information vertically and horizontally on the battlefield; directs technical training within the unit; commands separate detachments performing topographic missions in support of divisions and brigades; manages personnel, budget, supply, and equipment requirements for division and brigade topographic support elements.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; coordinates and reviews geospatial engineer requirements in echelons Corps and above; coordinates the acquisition of data for mission specifications from supported units, civilian and governmental agencies (foreign and domestic); performs duties of training Developer.

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