Army Utilities Operation and Maintenance TechnicianWarrant Officer

210A MOS

Job Detail

Develops and provides detailed input to the repair and maintenance of power generation equipment.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; repairs and modifies utilities systems, subsystems and power plants; manage, direct and supervises all field engineers (FE) and real property maintenance activities (RPMA) at a major NATO installation; prepares and manages RPMA, MCA, and MCAR budget for installations and power plants; briefs installation maintenance posture, infrastructure projects and status of CINC items of interest; performs technical and functional reviews, initiate, coordinate, execute, and manage all Unspecified Minor Military Construction, Army Reserve (UMMCAR) and Military Construction, Army Reserve (MCAR) documentation and design for all USAR facilities worldwide; supports the Chief, Engineer Office, on all phases of military construction, maintenance and repair, and real estate actions; resolves project issues and provide technical support with the Army Staff and Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Logistics, and Environment); monitors and assists Project Officers on the Engineer Base Operation System (ENBOSS) software database consisting of all USAR facilities worldwide.

Develops and provides detailed input to the repair and maintenance of power generation equipment and provides input to command operating budgets; supervises organizational maintenance of wheeled vehicles, mobile medical support equipment, and tactical generators found in Deployable Medical Systems (DEPMEDS); supervise operation, repair, and maintenance of facilities and utilities found in a station hospital; supervises the Fire Prevention Program and fire fighting efforts in station hospitals; repairs, modifies, and rehabilitates utilities systems and sub-systems, facilities, structures, power plants, station hospitals and DEPMEDS; perform quality assurance for all work within assigned mission areas to include environment requirements; supervises preparation of logbooks, operating reports, malfunction reports, supply, and maintenance records; prepares formal technical and administrative reports and correspondence; supervises the installation, operation, and maintenance of high voltage transmission systems; supervise the repair of facilities water supply systems, plumbing, sewage, heating, and air conditioning systems; reads and interprets construction drawings, engineering drawings, electrical wire schematic diagrams, and specifications; estimate construction material, equipment and personnel requirements for maintenance and repair facilities, plants, and utilities; supervise interior and exterior repair of facilities, to include carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, and painting; supervise shop operations, policies and direct electricians and mechanics; perform duties of instructor/writer at the WOBC level.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; commands separate detachments performing theater prime power production missions; supervises, manages and trains NATO civilians, Army and allied military personnel; plans, directs, manages and supervises the operation, maintenance, repair, modification, overhaul and replacement of prime movers, boilers and all ancillary systems driving and controlling generators; establishes priorities, standards, budget, materials, repair parts, vehicles, major end items, facilities, utilities, POL requirements, manpower, contracts, data and references required for accomplishing assigned missions; perform duties of Training Developer.

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