Army Vulcan CrewmemberEnlisted


Job Detail

Supervises or serves as a crewmember in a VULCAN fire unit or platoon.

Prepares and assists in firing VULCAN anti-aircraft gun; prepares and fires VULCAN antiaircraft gun; leads VULCAN squad.

The ADA senior sergeant supervises operations or intelligence activities in air defense artillery battalion or higher unit, or serves as principal NCO in air defense artillery battery; in addition, SADA senior sergeants (MOSC 16Z50) must be able to perform the duties of the 4 skill level of MOSs in CMF 16; supervise operations or intelligence functions in air defense artillery battalion or higher level unit; serve as principal NCO of air defense artillery battery or as detachment sergeant of artillery warhead support detachment; provides advice and makes recommendations to the commander and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel and their families; accompanies the commander on inspections and visits and at ceremonies; assists in inspection of command activities facilities and personnel as prescribed by the commander; holds First Sergeants' or Sergeants' Major call to announce information and instructions; insures that newly assigned enlisted personnel are instructed in military courtesy, customs of the service, and command regulations or policies; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted personnel of the command; inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command; sits as president or member of command promotion board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; performs other duties prescribed by the commander.

Supervises operations of the VULCAN platoon; serves as PATRIOT System Evaluator; provides technical expertise to the battalion staff and firing batteries; serves as maintenance chief in a PFASC and forward support elements; applies knowledge of capabilities and limitations of the weapon, command and control system and radar system; assists in planning, organization, and training operations.

Similar Name
Similar MOS
  • 16Z MOS Army Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant
  • 16P MOS Army Chaparral Crewmember
  • 16J MOS Army Defense Acquisition Radar Operator
  • 16J MOS Army Forward Area Alerting Radar Crewman
  • 16E MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Crewmember
  • 16D MOS Army Hawk Missile Crewmember
  • 16C MOS Army Hercules Fire Control Crew Member
  • 16B MOS Army Hercules Missile Crew Member
  • 16F MOS Army Light Air Defense Artillery Crewmember
  • 16S MOS Army Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) Crewmember or Pedestal M