Army HAWK Systems Technician (Reserve Component only)Warrant Officer

140D MOS

Job Detail

Plan, organize, implement, monitor, evaluate, and supervise operations and unit maintenance of the HAWK weapon system.

Maintains and repairs aerial radar surveillance sensor systems including all associated data link, data annotation, and ground receiving terminals; performs testing, troubleshooting, alignment, and repair of supported radar sensor equipment in an electronic maintenance shop; isolates inoperative or malfunctioning equipment using wide variety of conventional and special purpose electronic test equipment and hand tools; uses standard system troubleshooting, calibration, and alignment procedures which may require ability to read and analyze detailed electronic schematic diagrams mechanical assembly diagrams and applicable technical literature; replaces and/or repairs faulty sensor equipment employing special handling procedures for fragile and costly components such as film exposure devices and integrated microcircuit cards; modifies and records modifications of aerial radar surveillance sensor systems in accordance with modification work orders as required; prepares work request forms for maintenance activity; posts entries on all applicable maintenance and equipment inspection records in accordance with prescribed directives and regulations; assists in maintenance of a current technical reference library for all supported radar sensor systems; requisitions parts, supplies and references necessary to repair and maintain aerial radar surveillance sensor systems; performs as aerial radar surveillance sensor repairer; performs duties shown in preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance and supervision to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of these duties; maintains and repairs selected items of special purpose test equipment organic to radar sensor equipment maintenance section; must be able to perform duties of Aerial Radar Sensor Repairer (26E20) or Aerial Photoactive Sensor Repairer (MOS 26F20); supervises, plans and coordinates unit malfunction diagnostic and repair functions to ensure compliance with established standards; conducts on-the-job training in all related functions to ensure subordinates adhere to prescribed maintenance standards and procedures; maintains repair parts, stockage levels, forms, records, and technical references.

Develop, review and update the life cycle management of ADA warrant officers; advise the Commandant and Assistant Commandant at the Army Air Defense Artillery School on all matters pertaining to ADA warrant officers.

Provide technical guidance and direction to subordinate elements; advise the commander or staff officers on the HAWK system capabilities and limitations; evaluates, trains, and validates unit training readiness for the commander; teach the use of effects of modifications to HAWK weapon system and train new doctrine concepts; perform in contracting management and budgeting; serve as Project Manager on New/Improved HAWK weapon system fielding; provide leadership, guidance, technical input, and direction to subordinate elements, staff agencies, and field commanders up to and including theater level.

Similar Name
  • 24B MOS Army Hawk Continuous Wave Radar Mechanic
  • 24K MOS Army Hawk Continuous Wave Radar Repairer
  • 23T MOS Army Hawk Continuous Wave Radar Repairman
  • 27H MOS Army Hawk Field Maintenance Equipment and Firing Repairer
  • 27J MOS Army Hawk Field Maintenance Equipment/Pulse Acquisition Radar Repairer
  • 16E MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Crewmember
  • 24E MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Mechanic
  • 24F MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Mechanic
  • 24H MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Repairer
  • 23Q MOS Army Hawk Fire Control Repairman
Similar MOS
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