Army FAAD Systems Technician (Reserve Component only)Warrant Officer

140B MOS

Job Detail

Plan, organize, implement, monitor, and evaluate operations and unit maintenance.

Coordinate the activities of maintenance personnel equipment, and site assets for the installation, repair, maintenance, and modification of the Army Air Defense Artillery FAAD Systems, ancillary equipment, and tools; plan, organize, implement, monitor, and evaluate operations and unit maintenance, of the FAAD weapon system; advise the commander on march order and emplacement of the FAAD system; develop and implement maintenance standard operating procedure (SOP); evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance program and operator training; advise and instruct maintenance personnel on adjustments, repair operations, and isolation procedures; monitor and coordinate installation of modifications on the FAAD system; advise commander on FAAB system capabilities and limitations; implement proper safety and security procedures applicable to the maintenance support of the FAAD system; oversee The Army Maintenance Management System(TAMMS); supervise maintenance of unit Prescribed Load List (PLL).

Performs duties as described in preceding skill levels; provide technical guidance and direction to subordinate elements; advise the commander or staff officers on the FAAD system capabilities and limitations; evaluates, trains and validates unit readiness for the commander; perform in contract management and budgeting; serve as Project Manager on New/Improved FAAD weapon system fielding; provide leadership, guidance, technical input, and direction to subordinate elements, staff agencies, and field commanders up to and including theater level.

Perform duties described in preceding skill levels; develop, review and update the life cycle management of ADA warrant officers; advise the Commandant and Assistant Commandant at the Army Air Defense School Artillery on all matters pertaining to ADA warrant officers.

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