Air Force Recruiting ServiceOfficer

83R0 MOS

Job Detail

Plans, directs, and monitors recruiting programs, personnel, training, and equipment to achieve an efficient and economical recruitment program that will meet the requirements of the United States Air Force. Provides planning and assistance for a continuous publicity and community relations program.

Performs operations duties. Monitors, analyzes, trains, and provides planning assistance to officer program teams. Works directly with squadron trainers to establish training programs; provides training at flight training meetings. Manages squadron self-inspection program and ensures follow-up actions are taken to correct deficiencies. Acts as squadron Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) quality control monitor. Tracks and analyzes recruiting operations; identifies adverse trends and causes and recommends corrective action. Tracks management of recruiting for selected Air Force Specialties, competitions and goal allocations, success of high school and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery programs, and so forth. Acts as squadron focal point for US MEP Command and Joint Service activities. Coordinates mobile examination test site and student testing programs. Serves as member of the inter-service recruitment committee or mid-level recruitment committee to coordinate, staff, implement, and resolve issues affecting Joint service recruiting activities. Acts as officer training school (OTS) procurement officer. Plans and conducts officer recruiting according to program goals and within constraints of OTS entry capability. Interviews and evaluates OTS applicants. Coordinates requests for waivers from existing directives on a case-by-case basis for potential officer candidates. Recommends policies and procedures to expedite applicant processing; ensures compliance with enlistment criteria and application procedures. Compiles officer accession data and operations reports. Prepares bulletins with administrative and production data and training program materials for use by the sales organization. Monitors college visitation programs; presents Air Force orientations and coordinates tours for faculties and student bodies. Controls distribution of printed advertising materials for officer recruiting, and evaluates their effectiveness. Maintains liaison with educators, business and industry officials, state and local officials, and other centers of influence to enhance the image of the Air Force officer corps. Continuously evaluates market data on objectives to identify resources necessary for mission accomplishment. Plans and supervises development of advertising and promotion programs to support the mission. Develops, prepares, coordinates, and executes advertising and promotion. Allocates and controls advertising budgets. Initiates purchase of authorized advertising items. Prepares management fund summaries, and advises commander on advertising campaigns to accomplish goals. Controls distribution of printed advertising, and radio and television materials to the recruiting force. Monitors their use and rate of consumption to evaluate effectiveness. Participates in meetings and conferences and presents Air Force orientations to civic and educational organizations. Participates in community relations functions, such as special events, state and municipal fairs and ceremonies, parades, tours, and recruiting contests. Emphasizes effective public relations through training programs and staff assistance visits. Manages recruiting resources. Controls real estate actions for recruiting offices, itinerary stops, and squadron headquarters. Monitors and coordinates their relocation, upgrading, opening, and closing. Maintains fiscal year facility programs, coordinating with the Corps of Engineers. Monitors Government Services Administration vehicle fleet; keeps mileage and cost figures. Orders, inventories, and accounts for furniture and equipment. Maintains balanced budget; coordinates spending authority with supporting finance offices and squadrons. Monitors and authorizes use of communication devices within the Group. Recommends approval or disapproval of government leased requests, and reviews housing surveys for new units or rental increases. Directs administrative support for personnel programs such as newcomers program, civilia

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