Air Force Academic Program ManagerOfficer

82A0 MOS

Job Detail

Directs, instructs, evaluates, and monitors instruction, educational curriculum development, and student training at the US Air Force Academy and Air University.

Directs instruction organization and preparation. Establishes education and training objectives. Manages development of course syllabi, educational project outlines, and lesson plans. Oversees preparation of assignments, exercises, demonstrations, training aids, references and related materials required for course content. Supervises organization of physical conditioning programs. Supervises instructor programs. Instructs faculty, staff, and students. Determines instruction methods considering group size and course content. Demonstrates subject principles and application using educational media. Evaluates faculty and student progress. Conducts instructor training programs. Demonstrates effective teaching methods, reviews lessons plans, and conducts professional instructor training seminars. Manages educational programs and administrative functions. Supervises and coordinates text selection and changes, project outlines, examination and grading standards, test procedures, and other related subjects. Performs research and writes for publication. Administers activities involving scheduling, discipline, enrollment, budget, and personnel programs.

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