Air Force Cost AnalysisOfficer

65W1 MOS

Job Detail

Provide commanders/leadership with sound, technical and quantitative information as a basis for making financial and programmatic decisions. Leads and conducts analysis and studies to estimate cost and evaluate performance against standards, operational systems, acquisition programs, and support activities in support of daily operations and the war-fighting mission. Performs cost, economic, and business case analyses and conducts research essential to operational mission and involving major defense acquisition programs.

a minimum of 18 months of experience is mandatory in cost analysis assignments.

Advises commanders/leadership on financial and programmatic planning under the following conditions: uncertainty and risk arising from a lack of current experience and/or knowledge; conflicts in environmental, political and economic objectives; a variety of possible alternatives; the failure of current system to meet Joint and/or Air Force goals and priorities; the modification of current systems to meet Joint and/or Air Force missions, goals and priorities. Supports justification of budgets, cost estimates and advises on programmatic actions. Develops cost estimates and performs cost assessments in support of daily operations and warfighting missions, system program offices, Service Cost positions, annual validations and the Air Force, Joint and DoD Corporate structure. Leads, plans and organizes cost analysis activities. Plans, organizes, and supervises cost activities and programs. Establishes procedures and techniques for analyzing and evaluating performance against standards and developing and validating data sources. Develops, reviews, coordinates and administers research activities as well as education and training programs. Designs and develops cost estimating and analysis methods, processes, and techniques. Develops improvements in Air Force Analytical performance capabilities. Develops cost estimating relationships and factors. Develops standards and techniques for evaluating adequacy of cost activities and capabilities. Determines acceptability of contractor's management control systems, analyzes cost and schedule performance data, and ensures maintenance of accepted systems. Supports acquisition milestones and source selections. Systematically examines alternative courses of action and performs trade off studies to define and clarify financial advantages and disadvantages. Coordinates and provides cost analysis services. Provides technical assistance to other agencies on cost related issues. Develops solutions and implementation plans and presents findings to decision makers. Plans and conducts research projects leading to improved analytical concepts, methods, and techniques. Reviews and evaluates cost reports submitted by other agencies. Performs cost and economic analyses. Performs studies to estimate cost, analyze risk, and evaluate effectiveness of force structures, weapon systems, information systems, research and technology programs, and support activities. Performs, reviews, and certifies adequacy of cost comparison and economic analyses. Serves on technical and financial boards and committees. Maintains proficiency and trains others in financial management contingency/war-fighting.

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