Air Force Program DirectorOfficer

60C0 MOS

Job Detail

Directs major defense system acquisition programs typically identified by one or more of the following: Air Force Executive Program; Defense Enterprise Program; DoD 5000.1 Major System Acquisition; Secretary of the Air Force Program Assessment Review Program; a highly sensitive or highly visible program of significance to the Air Force; or Congressional Selected Acquisition Reporting Program.

At least 8 years' experience in acquisition, support, or maintenance of weapons systems, 2 years of which were performed while assigned to Air Force Material Command (previously Air Force Systems Command and Air Force Logistics Command). Time spent pursuing postgraduate education in a technical or management field or attending the Defense Systems Management College Program Management Course, or comparable course, may be substituted toward the 8-year requirement. Forty months is the maximum amount of time that may be substituted.

Directs high precedence acquisition programs critical to fulfilling a priority DoD mission. Provides executive leadership and management expertise through all phases of the acquisition life cycle for a major program because of its urgency of need, developmental risk, joint funding, congressional interest, and other similar factors. Delegates responsibility for preparing development, production, deployment, and system support plans. Responsible for personnel and financial resources allocated to program. Supervises program managers. Directs program activities pertaining to acquisition logistics, configuration and data management, contracting, engineering, manufacturing, program control, system safety, and test and evaluation. Assures development and delivery of program systems. Develops and motivates trained and experienced personnel for acquisition careers. Maintains relations with industry, educational institutions, professional organizations, and the civilian community. Delivers operational systems to commands. Responsive to user environment, concerns, and requirements. Coordinates program requirements and actions with commands. Promotes technology, base enhancement, and technology transition into systems. Establishes and supervises boards, working groups, and panels to assure smooth transition of systems and equipment to commands. Trains operations and maintenance personnel in conjunction with the system contractors, training agencies, and testing and using activities. Translates operational requirements into acquisition programs, evaluates contractor proposals, and recommends implementing actions. Establishes plans for system acquisition, including testing and evaluating programs progress. Ensures availability of operable and supportable systems and equipment on established schedules. Formulates policies and procedures for developing, procuring, and producing activities. Makes changes to the acquisition program to achieve desired outcomes. Organizes and directs Systems Program Office. Develops organization and manning requirements. Schedules formal training, develops acquisition skills of Systems Program Office members, and implements lessons learned. Initiates plans, policies, and programs for managing engineering and other personnel. Interprets and directs execution of policies, procedures, regulations, and directives. Manages and directs collective actions of participating organizations. Ensures proposals and changes are sound in terms of operational, development, procurement, production, and support requirements. Ensures the Systems Program Office functions as the Air Force focal point for contractors supporting a program, and acts as the official source of information. Establishes a program baseline, and manages within it. Maintains an assessment of program progress and performance versus requirements, threat, schedule, and cost. Informs headquarters of recommended changes and potential and actual breaches of program thresholds. Ensures accomplishment of program budgeting, funding, and accounting functions. Manages program costs by forcing identification of life cycle costs, developing "design to" cost parameters, and weighing all program decisions and program cost thresholds.

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