Air Force ChaplainOfficer

52R3 MOS

Job Detail

Develops and administers Chaplain Corps policies and procedures, including plans and operations, readiness management, Chaplain Corps manpower, budgetary and fiscal management, chaplain facility repair, modification, and construction. Manages resources to provide professional religious support needed to accomplish the mission of the US Air Force and maintain the highest degree of effectiveness and readiness. Advises commanders on religious, ethical, moral, morale, and quality of life matters.

Develops peacetime and wartime plans and policies relative to organization and management of chaplain activities such as manpower, Chaplain Readiness Teams (CRT), deployments, ministry strategies, training, chaplain materiel, and chaplain funds. Conducts worship services, liturgies, and rites. Provides counseling, pastoral care, visitation, religious education, morale programs, spiritual renewal, lay leadership programs, and humanitarian outreach opportunities. Represents the faith and military communities in religious, patriotic, and civic events. Maintains liaison with civilian clergy and organizations to keep current in areas of interest to Chaplain Corps programs. Supervises administration and fiscal control of Chaplain Corps functions. Advises commanders on religious, ethical, moral, morale, and quality of life matters. Advises the commanders of their responsibilities to provide appropriate facilities or sites for worship, rites, and counseling. Maintains ecclesiastical liaison with religious officials and submits required professional reports and records.

experience in planning, organizing, coordinating, and leading chaplain related, or equivalent programs is mandatory.

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