Air Force Dental LaboratoryEnlisted


Job Detail

Fabricates and repairs dental and maxillofacial prostheses and appliances. Inspects dental laboratory equipment and supervises dental laboratory activities.

Experience fabricating prosthodontic restorations, including fixed, removable, and orthodontic appliances. Also, experience performing and supervising functions such as fabricating and repairing dental prostheses and appliances.

Performs procedures to fabricate and repair complete dental prostheses; fixed and removable partial dental prostheses; and individual crowns, inlays, pontics, splints, stabilizers, and space maintainers. Uses precious and non-precious metals, acrylic resins, and porcelain as basic materials. Manages dental laboratory administrative tasks and equipment. Maintains dental laboratory records. Prepares reports on laboratory activities. Requisitions, stores, and issues supplies. Inspects equipment and performs minor maintenance. Reports defective equipment or utilities for corrective action. Accounts for precious metals expended. Inspects and evaluates administrative and technical procedures. Furnishes deficiency reports and outstanding accomplishments to Chief of Dental Services (CDS). Interprets inspection findings and recommends corrective action. Consults and coordinates with CDS for improving procedures. Institutes corrective measures and maintains follow-up action to ensure adequacy and compliance.

Manages dental clinic and laboratory activities. Reviews correspondence, reports, and records for accuracy. Develops and analyzes statistical controls; implements improved clinical procedures and work methodology. Manages the annual operating budget and conducts profit analysis. Develops, coordinates, and implements administrative and ancillary training programs. Administers unit self-assessment program. Inspects and evaluates dental practices and procedures ensuring compliance with Air Force and civilian oversight agency guidelines. Interprets inspection findings; reports deficiencies, recommended corrective actions, and outstanding accomplishments to the CDS.

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