Air Force OphthalmicEnlisted

4V031 MOS

Job Detail

Performs and manages visual screening tests and assists in patient treatment. Processes prescriptions for military eyewear. Performs and manages optometry and ophthalmology clinic activities. Manages and directs ophthalmic service personnel, materiel, equipment and programs. Supervises technical and administrative activities of ophthalmic services.

Performs ophthalmic services. Assists the health care provider in the examination and treatment of patients by performing visual tests or procedures. Orders, fits, and dispenses military eyewear. Instructs patients on contact lens procedures. Assists aircrew members in aviator contact lens and night vision goggle program. Assists personnel in occupational vision programs. Records patient case history, conducts visual screening tests such as visual acuity, cover test, pupillary testing, color vision, depth perception, visual field charting, and tonometry for analysis and interpretation. Performs as an ophthalmic surgical assistant and prepares preoperative and postoperative patients. Takes ophthalmic photographs and prepares injectable ophthalmic anesthetics and antibiotics. Administers ophthalmic drops and ointments, applies ocular dressings, performs suture removal, and obtains eye cultures. Manages ophthalmic resources. Determines requirements for supplies, equipment, and personnel. Develops and maintains a working environment to provide timely, economical, and operational support. Directs budget and manages ophthalmic activities. Ensures periodic maintenance and calibration checks on clinic diagnostic equipment are completed. Manages ophthalmic administrative services. Directs refractive surgery, aircrew contact lens, safety, infection control, and training programs. Coordinates technical and administrative activities of ophthalmic services to ensure effective and efficient use of ophthalmic personnel. Executes self-inspections, reviews reports and records for accuracy and compliance. Reports findings and service's activities. Establishes or recommends ophthalmic standards, regulations, policies, or procedures to ensure quality patient care in a safe, efficient, and effective ophthalmic environment.

Experience in caring for and treating ophthalmic patients and in operating and maintaining ophthalmic equipment such as lensometers, vision screening instruments, visual field measuring instruments, tonometers, and fitting optical and ophthalmic devices. Also, experience performing or supervising ophthalmic functions such as caring for and treating patients, operating ophthalmic testing equipment, and fitting optical and ophthalmic devices

Experience managing optometry or ophthalmology activities.

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