Air Force Diagnostic ImagingEnlisted

4R091 MOS

Job Detail

Operates equipment to produce diagnostic images and assists radiologist or physician with special procedures. Prepares equipment and patients for diagnostic studies and therapeutic procedures. Performs technical and administrative radiology activities. Ensures health protective measures such as universal precautions and radiation protection measures are established and employed. Assists the radiation oncologist. Manages diagnostic imaging functions and activities.

Operates fixed and portable radiographic equipment to produce routine diagnostic medical images. Computes techniques and adjusts control panel settings such as kilovoltage, milliamperage, exposure time, and focal spot size. Positions patient to image desired anatomic structures. Selects image recording media, adjusts table or cassette holder, aligns x-ray tube for correct distance and angle, and restricts radiation beam for maximum patient protection. Exposes and processes images. Uses specialized equipment to perform nuclear medicine, mammography, ultrasound, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Selects imaging protocols and required accessories, and makes adjustments based on the specific examination requirements. Records and processes the image. Manipulates the recorded image using computer applications. Assists physicians with fluoroscopic, interventional, and special examinations. Instructs patients preparing for procedures. Prepares and assists with contrast media administration. Maintains emergency response cart. Assists physician in treating reactions to contrast material. Prepares sterile supplies and equipment. Operates accessory equipment such as automatic pressure injectors, serial film changers and digital imagers, stereotactic biopsy devices, and vital signs monitoring equipment. Performs image subtraction and manipulation techniques. Assists radiation oncologist in radiation treatment of disease. Operates treatment simulator. Constructs custom blocks and compensating filters. Uses electromagnetic and radioactive-source radiations in treating disease. Prepares and positions patients and equipment for, and delivers therapeutic and palliative radiation treatments. Sets and verifies dosage settings on equipment. Monitors patients during treatment activities. Documents patient treatment record. Performs and supervises general diagnostic imaging activities. Mixes film processing solutions, loads and unloads film holders, and reproduces images. Cleans and inspects equipment and performs preventive maintenance. Receives patients, schedules appointments, prepares and processes examination requests and related records, and files images and reports. Enters and maintains data in radiology information systems. Assists with phase II didactic and performance training, evaluation and counseling of students, and maintenance of student academic records. Participates in formal research projects. Establishes and maintains standards, guidelines, and practices. Composes protocols. Prepares routine positioning guides and technique charts. Reviews images to ensure quality standards are met. Performs equipment quality control checks such as processor sensitometry, film-screen contact tests, collimation and light field alignment tests, and safelight fog tests. Monitors personnel to ensure protective procedures such as those in the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) radiation safety, hazardous material communications, and Air Force occupational safety and health programs are followed. Performs tests on radiation protection equipment. Assesses staff competence, and monitors appropriateness of care and completeness of examination requests.

experience managing radiologic, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, or MRI functions and activities.

Experience operating x-ray equipment, and producing and processing radiographs.

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