Air Force Mental Health ServiceEnlisted

4C091 MOS

Job Detail

Supports mental health services in psychiatry, psychology, social work, family advocacy, substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation, and mental health programs. Manages mental health service resources and activities. Assists mental health professional staff with developing and implementing treatment plans. Performs specified mental health treatment. Reports and documents patient care.

Experience administering, scoring, and reporting psychological test results; interviewing patients to obtain biopsychosocial history, personal information; and assisting professional staff to carry out prescribed treatment plan. Experience conducting briefings, performing or supervising psychological test administration; and interviewing, and assisting in patient treatment, or substance abuse prevention and counseling.

Conducts or assists in treatment and rehabilitation of mental health patients. Performs initial basic assessment procedures including standardized psychological testing, clinical interviewing, mental status examinations, substance abuse evaluations, and psychological and nursing assessment. Assists in identifying mental health and nursing diagnoses, treatments, patient education, and disposition planning. Participates in patient care conferences and substance abuse intervention. Observes, monitors, records, and reports patient's progress. Conducts or assists in conducting group and individual counseling, therapeutic community, and other related milieu activities. Institutes precautionary measures to prevent patient injury, suicide. Provides mental health and substance abuse prevention education. Performs general and special clinical procedures. Assists patients with nutritional, hygiene, and comfort measures. Obtains and records vital signs. Performs chaperone and escort duties. Maintains therapeutic relationships. Performs aeromedical evacuation procedures. Supports the Air Force drug testing program. Plans and supervises mental health service activities. Coordinates with other agencies regarding specified care, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and administrative functions. Contacts military and community agencies to obtain collateral information. Explains and interprets mental health services to patients or others. Assists in, or arranges patient referral to public, private, and military community agencies. Manages enlisted resources. Establishes priorities based on knowledge of interchangeable skills among assigned enlisted personnel. Manages preparation and maintenance of records and reports pertaining to specialty services. Reviews procedures and requirements within specialty services to preclude duplication and to free personnel for more direct service work with patients. Establishes, maintains, and evaluates specific mental health, family advocacy, and substance abuse training programs. Conducts in-service training. Schedules recurring training and conducts task evaluations. Performs combat and disaster casualty care procedures. Supervises and assists with care of individuals experiencing acute and post-traumatic stress reactions. Supervises and performs administrative duties. Prepares, maintains, and disposes of mental health, family advocacy, and substance abuse treatment records. Receives patients and schedules appointment. Evaluates mental health service activities. Collects and updates administrative and statistical data. Conducts unit self-assessments. Compiles and prepares medical and administrative reports. Briefs patients on safety and evacuation procedures.

Experience managing mental health service activities

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