Air Force Medical MaterialEnlisted


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Performs and manages preparation and maintenance of manual and mechanized accountable medical materiel records, and requisitioning, receiving, storing, issuing, safeguarding and accounting for supplies and equipment. Processes and monitors requests for contracts. Implements and directs medical materiel activities for inventory control, accounting, financial planning, and management of supplies and equipment. Performs and monitors computer operations.

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Performs and manages administrative functions. Requisitions, receives and maintains medical materiel publication files. Provides information to using activities on issues, schedules, and related matters. Performs, organizes, and monitors medical materiel management functions. Prepares and validates computer input data to establish, revise, and maintain master records. Determines requirements for and maintains records on war reserve materiel and other special programs. Initiates and manages the requisitioning, receipt, storage, issue and turn in of medical materiel. Ensures proper supply flow under various issue methods. Establishes and monitors a quality control program. Ensures effective internal controls for processing property documents and maintaining accountable records. Determines and evaluates action taken to establish stock control levels and inventory control. Conducts inventories. Processes, maintains and monitors requests for services and rentals. Coordinates internal operations with the medical equipment maintenance activity. Monitors coordination of support by base activities. Inspects, reviews and evaluates medical materiel support. Conducts periodic internal inspections of medical materiel for compliance with policies, procedures and directives. Analyzes reports and records and takes necessary corrective action. Ensures effective support is provided for all customers. Visits supported activities. Performs medical materiel functions. Establishes and ensures timely and efficient management of excess materiel and equipment. Receives and inspects incoming supplies and equipment. Applies special handling procedures for controlled medical items, gases, precious metals, dangerous and hazardous materials and refrigerated or frozen materials. Provides and maintains medical kits and sets. Delivers supplies and equipment to supported activities. Operates and supervises the base medical equipment management office and non-medical materiel support. Validates and coordinates equipment requests. Monitors expense and investment equipment fund programs. Ensures in-use equipment asset inventories are accomplished and necessary corrective actions and documentation is taken. Provides and monitors non-medical supply and equipment support. Operates and supervises the operation of automated data processing equipment. Ensures system operations are according to standard system center documents. Performs and supervises periodic maintenance on computer systems. Ensures proper scheduling of all computer processing, and processes required programs.

Experience managing all medical materiel functions.

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