Air Force PeriodontistOfficer

47H4 MOS

Job Detail

xamines, diagnoses, and treats diseases and destructive processes of investing hard and soft tissues of teeth. Supports the dental health program. Directs periodontic service.

Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases of investing hard and soft tissues of teeth. Examines patients and interprets radiographs to assist in determining extent of tissue breakdown. Evaluates findings and conducts treatment. Corrects defects of occlusion. Prescribes and administers medications in treatment of diseases and infection of the oral cavity. Instructs patients in oral hygiene and dental preventive measures. Provides consultation services. Directs the periodontic service, supports oral health programs. Formulates and implements procedures governing operation of the periodontic service. Plans and schedules work assignments for periodontists and technical assistants involved in treating diseases of investing tissues and providing oral hygiene instruction. Instructs dental officers and technical assistants in preventive dental protocols and techniques. Works with Dental Health Officer in coordinating the total dental health program at base level.

Same as junior tasks.

For award of AFSC 47H3, completion of a residency in periodontics, acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, is mandatory.

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