Air Force Privileged Advanced Practice Nurse (p-APN)Officer

46Y3 MOS

Job Detail

Includes nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners. Provides professional nursing care within scope of practice, established standards of care and federal/state laws. Acts as patient advocate and advances desired health outcomes through patient/family education. Coordinates with and makes recommendations to staff agencies concerning applicable policies, plans and programs. Participates in cross-functional collaboration to improve patient care delivery. Supports research activities.

Same as junior tasks.

Privileged Advanced Practice Nurse. Expert clinician with advanced academic degree in selected nursing specialties. Privileged health care provider who uses critical judgment to render direct patient care, including comprehensive health assessing, differential diagnosing, planning, and prescribing pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment in management of acute and chronic illness and disease of health problems, health promotion, and preventive care within the specialized area of practice. Sub-roles include patient and staff education, research, and consultation to promote wellness and prevent illness and injury. Practice with a high degree of autonomy and professional respect. 2.2. Provides comprehensive and specialty nursing care. Assesses health and health care needs of individuals and populations. Involves the patient, family, and community in setting realistic goals to achieve desired outcomes. Plans comprehensive care to attain expected outcomes. Implements and evaluates nursing interventions. Conducts group and individual health teaching for patients, families, and community. Monitors and records patient and population health status. Uses ongoing assessment data to evaluate progress toward expected outcomes and revise plan of care as needed. Documents nursing actions and activities. 2.3. Clinical expert may serve as consultant or instructor. Collaborates with other disciplines and health care team members to improve patient care delivery. Formulates training programs and instructs both medical and non-medical personnel in a variety of health-related topics. Evaluates professional practice parameters through peer review.

Same as junior tasks.

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