Air Force Nurse AnesthetistOfficer

46M1 MOS

Job Detail

Administers anesthetic agents to patients, performs other specialized nursing duties, and manages anesthesia department under the direction of a medical officer.

Monitors and supervises management of patient perioperative experience. Performs preoperative evaluations and preparations. Administers anesthetics; monitors patient reactions to anesthesia and surgery. Advises anesthesiologist and appropriate physician of adverse reactions necessitating nondelegated medical decisions; takes appropriate actions as directed or required. Manages fluid therapy. Provides or supervises postoperative recovery care, performs postoperative follow-up and patient evaluation, and maintains records. Provides services or supervision of services in support of patients with respiratory care requirements. Functions as a team member in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Serves as a resource person and assists with the training of personnel in venapuncture and intravenous therapy, respiratory care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and anesthesia. Manages the anesthesia department. Maintains supply of anesthesia drugs and equipment. Ensures cleanliness and maintenance of anesthesia equipment.

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