Air Force Nursing AdministratorOfficer

46A2 MOS

Job Detail

Plans, organizes, executes, and directs nursing care practices. Serves as Chief Nurse, Squadron Commander or senior staff officer. Coordinates with and makes recommendations to staff agencies concerning nursing policies, plans and programs. Supports cross-functional collaboration to improve patient care delivery. Supports research activities.

Performs Chief Nurse duties. Directs nursing service activities within area of responsibility. Evaluates qualifications and maintains functional control of Air Force Nurse Corps officers, enlisted nursing personnel, civilian nurses, and ancillary nursing personnel providing nursing care according to established scope of practice and applicable federal/state laws. Advises MTF commander on nursing issues. Establishes, interprets and directs implementation of nursing policy. Plans and directs assignment and training of professional and paraprofessional nursing personnel. Provides staff development programs for all levels of nursing personnel. Evaluates performance of nursing service personnel, nursing activities, standards of nursing care and nursing practice. Facilitates and participates in nursing research. Makes recommendations to commanders on administrative matters concerning Nurse Corps officers and other nursing service personnel. AFSC may be used for Nurse Corps officers assigned as medical squadron commanders. 2.3. Performs senior staff officer duties. Serves as advisor to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, or command surgeon on nursing related issues. Reviews, recommends changes, and develops policy and operational guidance pertaining to nursing or related areas such as case/disease management, health care integration, population health, disease/injury, or clinical informatics. Participates in developing and implementing command programs and technical inspections. Participates in studies, consultative visits, and evaluative surveys within the range of Air Force Medical Service activities. Represents nursing interests, concerns, and support in health care planning, training, and research.

46A3. A minimum of 12 months as a Chief Nurse, Squadron Commander or Group Commander.

Same as junior tasks.

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