Air Force PharmacistOfficer

43P4 MOS

Job Detail

Directs and manages the pharmacy department. Develops and coordinates pharmaceutical care activities and ensures prescription dispensing, patient medication counseling, drug regimen reviews, and other related activities are carried out to professional standards. Supervises the preparation of medicines. Manages, supervises and trains pharmacy staff. Advises physicians and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications. Ensures compliance with state, federal and DoD regulations. Serves on various medical treatment facility committees. Supports the readiness mission.

Plans, organizes, staffs, controls, and directs the pharmacy department according to established policies and procedures. Maintains the facilities of the department. Implements Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee decisions. Establishes a drug distribution system yielding maximum pharmacy control over requisitioning, storing, and dispensing drugs. 2.2. Screens prescriptions and doctor's orders for accuracy, overdoses, drug interactions and therapeutic appropriateness. Dispenses medicines & prescriptions items, checking regimen and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labeled. Counsels and advises patients on the treatment of disease states and any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines or treatments. Resolves medication-related problems to ensure a safe and optimal patient outcome; and promote, through criteria based protocols, clinically rational drug therapy and sound pharmaceutical care. Coordinates patient care with other members of the health care team. Initiates consultation requests to other health professionals to provide more comprehensive medication therapy management. Conducts and evaluates medication histories, assesses compliance and suggests modifications to achieve desired outcomes; instructs patients in the proper use of prescribed drugs; participates in patient care rounds with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate patient progress. Monitors the health and progress of patients in response to drug therapy. 2.5. Manages, supervises and trains pharmacy support staff. Provides technical and professional oversight to pharmacy technicians and other subordinate staff. Assumes responsibility for work performed by technicians. Assigns work to subordinates based on mission priorities and requirements. Directs procurement, storage, manufacture, distribution, control, and evaluation of drugs. Inspects stock supplies of drugs on all services; maintains an approved stock of antidotes and other emergency drugs. Oversees the manufacture of bulk compounded preparations if their procurement from commercial sources is not possible. Directs operation of the intravenous admixture program. Implements unit dose drug distribution systems. Maintains patient drug profiles. Assists leadership with budgeting and financial management. Ensures fiscally sound practices are implemented and followed. Monitors program expenditures accounting for current and future trends. Integrates and defends fiscal and staffing requirements. Serves as consultant on pharmaceutical matters for professional staff. Provides a repository of drug information. Communicates essential drug information to patients, physicians, nurses and personnel. Participates in and promotes research programs. Establishes a research unit within the pharmacy department. Supports research related to facility and study objectives. 2.10. Instructs and serves in a teaching capacity to other members of the health care team. Instructs other personnel assigned to health care team on pharmacotherapy programs and other appropriate medical activities and functions. Supports the readiness mission. Develops and implements medication use procedures in support of readiness and homeland security/defense. Trains pharmacy and other medical staff in roles pertinent to medical use in garrison and contingency operations.

Same as junior tasks.

For award and retention of AFSC 43P3, must maintain a valid pharmacist license and be in good standing with the State Board of Pharmacy.

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