Air Force Public Health OfficerOfficer

43H3 MOS

Job Detail

Applies preventive and public health knowledge, techniques, and skills to promote health and to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases, occupational illnesses, food borne diseases, and disease and nonbattle injuries while in garrison as well as in field conditions. Promotes the public health through epidemiological surveillance of health and disease trends in populations, as well as monitoring food safety practices, and sanitation levels in public and food service facilities.

Same as junior tasks.

For award of AFSC 43H3, a minimum of 24 months on active duty filling a Public Health Officer position is required.

Develops, plans, and implements public health activities. Conducts preventive medicine communicable disease control, occupational health, food safety, and disaster response programs. Establishes and maintains liaison with other medical treatment facility personnel and local public health agencies to ensure an integrated public health program. Advises on public health issues, including manning, and training. Identifies required facilities, personnel, funding, and other resources. Prepares regulations and operating instructions, acquires technical bulletins, and presents training programs to support public health. Evaluates existing public health programs and recommends changes in policies and procedures. Supports Reserve and Guard component units assisting with the determination of program effectiveness and compliance with standards. Initiates, directs, and conducts preventive medicine and communicable disease control programs. Applies epidemiological and statistical methods to identify and evaluate factors increasing disease morbidity and mortality. Collects and reviews beneficiary morbidity data to establish baseline data and identify trends. Compares data to local, state, and federal morbidity reports. Notifies the Chief of Aerospace Medicine about trends or outbreaks that may affect the Air Force population. Directs and conducts epidemiological investigations of communicable diseases and food borne disease outbreaks, and makes recommendations to curb and prevent their occurrence. Conducts contact investigations of patients with sexually transmitted infections and active or latent tuberculosis. Monitors the medical facility employee health program and reports compliance to facility leaders. Plans and develops disease vector surveillance program, coordinating efforts with civilian programs where possible. Provides communicable disease education to all beneficiaries. Directs and conducts food safety and public facility sanitation programs. Evaluates food preparation and storage facilities, distributors, equipment, and sanitary practices to assess compliance with public health standards for construction, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and food safety. Oversees periodic vulnerability assessments of on-base facilities and food supplies, as well as off-base distributors delivering food to Air Force installations. Supervises inspection of government owned and retail sales food to determine identity, and wholesomeness. Advises procurement, contracting, and accountable property officers on proper disposition of nonconforming and unwholesome food supplies. Collects food samples for laboratory analyses, ensures appropriate testing is completed, interprets test results, and recommends appropriate food disposition actions. Ensures that hazardous or suspect foods identified through federal recall systems are removed from service and are appropriately processed for final disposition. Supervises or conducts courses in food safety for food service personnel and facility managers to prevent food borne illnesses. Reviews and coordinates plans for renovation or construction of food serving facilities, commissaries, and warehouses. Inspects or supervises inspections of public facilities such as childcare centers, barber and beauty shops, and gymnasiums. Participates in the base Occupational Health Program along with members of Flight Medicine, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Primary Care, Ground Safety, as well as workplace supervisors and individual workers. Establishes procedures to identify personnel requiring pre-placement, periodic, and termination medical examinations. Participates in formulating occupational health examination requirements for workers at risk for hazardous exposures. Maintains close liaison with other agencies to develop procedures for prompt identification, investigation, evaluation, and reporting of occupational illnesses. Serves as technical advisor to shop supervisors for planning and presenting occupational health e

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