Air Force PodiatristOfficer

42F1 MOS

Job Detail

Provides examination, diagnosis treatment, prevention, and care of conditions and functions of the human foot and related structures. Plans, conducts, and directs research in the area of podiatric medicine.

Same as junior tasks.

minimum of 6 months of experience in podiatry assignments is mandatory for award of 42F3 (qualified) level

Conducts examinations of the foot to provide basis for diagnosis; administers treatment. Interview patient and records patient's case history to determine previous ailments and complaints. Performs examinations to determine physiological and physical abnormality of the foot. Conducts test and supplements examination by arranging various laboratory test analyses and diagnostic x-rays. Interprets laboratory and x-ray results in evaluating examination findings. Assists with or performs outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures of the foot and related structures and follow up care according to standards outlined in the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Accreditation Manual for Hospitals. Plans, administers, and records progress of prescribed courses of treatment of the foot and related structures. Accomplishes therapeutic procedures. Refers patient to and consults with other practitioners, as appropriate, for further care, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Instructs patients in prescribed therapeutic procedures. Prescribes medication within the scope of podiatric practice and clinical privileges. Instructs and supervises assistants. Prescribes and supervises instruction in use and maintenance of therapeutic devices. Fits and adjusts appliances and advises patient on care of therapeutic or corrective equipment. Conducts research in podiatry. Plans and conducts clinical research. Reviews and studies case histories, analyzes data, and participates with other scientists and physicians in programs to investigate new techniques and methods to improve foot health and human effectiveness of Air Force personnel. 2.5. Participates in special programs. Plans, supervises, and participates in specialized Air Force health programs such as the Exceptional Family Member Program, Aerospace Medical Program, and Occupational Health Program.

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