Air Force Medical CommanderOfficer

40C0 MOS

Job Detail

Commands Air Force medical centers, units, or activities whose primary mission is to provide medical care and other health services. Serves as chief staff advisor to line commanders.

Commander only

Commands medical units. Commands resources engaged in health care. Responsible for personnel required to carry out base health care services. Determines health care requirements by analyzing mission and interpreting directives, orders, and instructions. Formulates plans, and establishes policies and procedures for delivering health care services and assures health care support for mission accomplishment. Implements programs such as total force training and disaster preparedness. Directs studies and surveys to determine perceptions of personnel. Implements measures to resolve problems and eliminate conditions contributing to low morale. Directs health care activities. Supervises and directs assigned resources to provide quality health care services. Arranges quality civilian health care services when more cost effective than those available through the military facility or other federal resources. Ensures medical support to meet requirements placed on medical units when personnel are under operational control of the medical commander. Develops medical portion of base plans to provide medical support to wing and installation. Trains health care personnel. Advises installation commander on scope of available health care services, health care and services required by host-tenant agreements, health of personnel, and health protection requirements and measures. Coordinates health care service activities. Conducts staff meetings, convenes, and appoints boards, councils, and committees to assist in managing assigned activities. Coordinates training, support, and use of medical units and activities. Coordinates with local health care agencies. Participates in civilian community health planning process. Determines medical treatment facility role within health service area. Knowledge is mandatory of: management concepts and objectives and their relationship to mission accomplishment; relationship of military and health care doctrine, contingency, and medical readiness planning; strategic planning; Air Force flying mission and associated health care requirements; information management; Air Force policy directives and instructions; military justice; conflict resolution; managing quality; communication and interpersonal skills; principles of medical administration; financial management; personnel; and materiel and facilities management.

Open to Commander's only

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