Air Force Military Equal OpportunityEnlisted


Job Detail

Performs, supervises, and manages military equal opportunity (MEO) and human relations education (HRE) programs. Conducts administrative functions to support MEO programs.

Plans, organizes, and directs MEO and HRE activities. Develops EOT and other related education programs. Promotes an environment where individuals are treated with dignity and worth regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. Provides advice, consultation, education, mediation, and referral services to enhance mission effectiveness. Coordinates with staff agencies to support MEO programs and policies. Advises personnel on MEO responsibilities, policies, and programs. Provides information to those seeking assistance. Serves as an authoritative program data source for the installation commander. Uses interviews, surveys, and other techniques to provide information and guidance on preventing or eliminating conditions which negatively impact mission effectiveness. Performs administrative functions including but not restricted to preparing reports, analyzing program statistics, and initiating and maintaining case files. Clarifies MEO complaints. Identifies existing and potential equal opportunity and other human relations issues. Advises and assists commanders, supervisors, and personnel with possible solutions in resolving MEO concerns. Prepares news media articles and maintains historical data files. Prepares lesson plans and support material for HRE. Conducts briefings, lectures, group discussions, and seminars to improve an organization's human relations climate. Evaluates education program activities, and coordinates scheduling of base HRE. Provides mediation, coordinates and monitors the Affirmative Action program, and conducts unit climate assessments. Identifies and obtains support from base and civilian referral resources. Provides oversight on special interest items as dictated by higher headquarters, e.g., sexual harassment, dissident and protest. Determines resource requirements and manages annual MEO budgets. Assists commanders to resolve conditions that impact operations and mission effectiveness. Emphasizes areas that potentially undermine the base's readiness posture and human relations environment, i.e., demonstrations, dissident and protest activities. Focuses on identifying and preventing actual and potential complaints and incidents.

Experience performing or supervising functions such as organizing and administering MEO programs and instructing on MEO issues and problems.

Experience managing equal opportunity and education in human relations activities.

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