Air Force Still PhotographyEnlisted


Job Detail

Accomplishes, digitally processes, or supervises still photography. Supports base-level, technical, contingency, reconnaissance, special mission production, or combat requirements. Captures, stores, enhances, crops, prints, or transmits images via satellite, computer networks, telephone, or secure transmission systems.

Experience in functions such as alert photography, combat documentation and accessioning. Also, experience performing and supervising functions involved in coordinating and accomplishing still photography, image management, accessioning and still photographic printing.

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Prepares photographic assignments. Acquires imagery in controlled, uncontrolled, and combat environments. Applies principles of photographic composition. Conceives, visualizes, and produces images. Accomplishes combat documentation, investigative, record, informational, editorial and other photography. Obtains data and writes captions and cover stories. Selects and crops pictures for layouts and picture stories. Coordinates with pilots and aircrew on mission requirements for proper aircraft positioning. Sets up and operates stabilized camera mounts and ancillary lighting systems on aircraft. Accomplishes photography. Coordinates with customers. Performs digital photographic acquisition processing and printing. Selects, inspects, and tests camera, and digital photographic processing systems. Determines and uses appropriate camera and complementary lens selection, filters, lighting, and accessory equipment. Operates or supervises operation of image acquisition equipment. Obtains optimum exposures using various meters, electronic flash, and exposure control methods. Uses light intensifier tubes (night vision). Operates laptop computers, and communications equipment to transmit, receive, or store images. Performs copy and duplication functions. Copies flat art, prints, and computer-generated products. Uses specialized lighting and filters to control color balance. Complies with copyright and reproduction restrictions. Performs medical image recording functions. Coordinates with medical staff to perform clinical and surgical micro and macro photography using specialized photographic cameras and lighting equipment Supervises or performs still photography. Provides still photographic image management. Supervises or performs preventive maintenance, and periodic photographic imagery calibration. Conducts progressive customer relations programs to make sure multimedia products meet mission needs. Manages or executes the multimedia safety program.

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