Air Force Fire ProtectionEnlisted


Job Detail

Protects people, property, and the environment from fires and disasters. Provides fire prevention, fire fighting, rescue, and hazardous material responses.

Experience operating fire fighting tools and equipment, extinguishing fires, rescuing personnel, and performing emergency medical care and CPR. Also, experience performing or supervising fire protection functions

Experience managing fire protection functions.

Plans, organizes, and directs all fire protection activities. Analyzes fire protection operations, determines trends and problems, and formulates corrective measures. Provides fire protection guidance. Coordinates fire protection support agreements and pre-incident plans. Executes and enforces the Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. Conducts and evaluates training on specialized fire protection equipment and procedures. Performs inspections and organizational maintenance on fire protection vehicles, equipment, and protective clothing. Manages and operates fire alarm communications centers. Supports the electrical power production function with resetting aircraft arresting systems. Provides fire prevention guidance. Performs project reviews to ensure fire safety feature adequacy. Inspects facilities, and identifies fire hazards and deficiencies. Determines fire extinguisher distribution requirements and performs inspections and maintenance. Establishes public relations and conducts fire prevention awareness and educational training. Controls and extinguishes aircraft, structure, wild land, and miscellaneous fires. Establishes an emergency operations incident command system. Drives and operates fire apparatuses, specialized tools, and equipment. Conducts hose evolutions and pump operations, and protects exposures. Preserves and protects emergency scene evidence. Investigates fires to determine origin and cause. Effects entry into aircraft, structures, and other enclosures. Shuts down engines, safeties ejection systems, and isolates utilities. Conducts search and rescue operations. Administers emergency first aid. Protects people and the environment from hazardous material releases.

Similar Name
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  • 13E MOS Army Cannon Fire Direction Specialist
  • 39Y MOS Army Field Artillery (FA) Tactical Fire Direction Systems Repairer
  • 34Y MOS Army Field Artillery Tactical Fire Direction Systems Repairer
  • 34G MOS Army Fire Control Computer Repairer
  • 41C MOS Army Fire Control Instrument Repairman
  • 45G MOS Army Fire Control Repairer
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