Air Force WeatherEnlisted

1W091 MOS

Job Detail

Performs and manages the collection, analysis, and forecast of atmospheric weather and space environmental conditions to enable decision superiority and application of land, air, space and cyberspace power across the full spectrum of military operations.

Experience in collecting and analyzing atmospheric data, performing meteorological watch, preparing forecast products, and issuing weather watches, warnings, and advisories. Also, experience in forecasting local area and mesoscale weather features, determining weather effects on weapons systems, and preparing and delivering weather briefings and mission execution forecasts.

Experience in scheduling personnel, providing technical leadership and training, tailoring unit capabilities, and managing weather resources to meet mission requirements.

Collect, analyze and integrate atmospheric and space environmental information into military decision-making processes. Observe, record, and transmit surface, upper air and space environment observations. Operate atmospheric and space-sensing instruments and computer workstations to interrogate data from weather radars, meteorological satellites, and products provided by military, national, and international weather agencies. Use a detailed understanding of the atmosphere and space environment to translate raw data into decision-quality environmental information. Issue advisories, watches and warnings to alert users of dangerous, inclement, or operationally significant terrestrial and space weather events. Understand war fighter tactics, techniques and procedures to maximize air, space, cyberspace combat power. Utilizes weather tactics, techniques, and procedures to integrate weather information into the decision-making process at all levels to mitigate and exploit weather impact on operations. Manage weather operations, ensure quality, and adapt resources to meet mission requirements.

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