Air Force Aircrew Life Support ApprenticeEnlisted


Job Detail

Manages, performs, and schedules inspections, maintenance, and adjustments of assigned aircrew flight equipment (AFE), aircrew chemical defense equipment (ACDE), and associated supplies, and inventories assets. Prepares, maintains, and monitors AFE operations. Disassembles, assembles, inspects, fabricates, cleans, repairs, and packs aerospace weapon system components such as protective clothing, flotation equipment, emergency evacuation systems, and parachutes. Schedules, supervises, and conducts aircrew chemical defense and aircrew continuation training. Prepares for response to use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons contamination and supervises and conducts contamination control area processing.

Experience managing and directing AFE operations and training functions as well as evaluating, planning, and organizing AFE readiness activities

Experience in equipment inspections, and instructing aircrews in continuation training and aircrew chemical defense procedures. Also, experience supervising and performing functions such as inspections, quality assurance, specialist training programs, and aircrew instruction.

Inspects, maintains, packs and adjusts aircrew flight equipment such as flight helmets, oxygen masks, parachutes, flotation devices, survival kits, helmet mounted devices, aircrew night vision and other ocular systems, anti-G garments, aircrew eye and respiratory protective equipment, chemical biological protective oxygen masks and coveralls, and other types of AFE and aircrew chemical defense systems. Repairs fabric and rubber components, including protective clothing, thermal radiation barriers, flotation equipment, and various parachutes. Evaluates problems and determines feasibility of repair or replacement related to inspecting and repairing fabric, rubber equipment, and parachutes. Evaluates work orders for fabrication of authorized items. Installs and removes aircraft-installed AFE. Uses various types of test equipment such as altimeters, oxygen testers, leakage testers, radio testers, and other types of testers to conduct reliability testing on AFE and ACDE. Maintains inspection and accountability documentation on AFE issued to aircrews or prepositioned on aircraft. Operates, maintains, and inspects AFE machinery, test equipment, and tools. Performs operator maintenance and service inspections on shop equipment. Stores, handles, uses, and disposes of hazardous waste and materials based on environmental standards. Controls, issues, and safeguards aircrew side arms, and ammunition. Maintains applicable weapons qualification. Operates aircrew armories and inspects aircrew side arms as required. Ensures proper safety procedures are followed. Requisitions, stores, forecasts, handles, and transports ammunition, aircrew survival pyrotechnic devices, and other explosives such as releases, cutters, and signaling devices. Conducts aircrew continuation training; instructs aircrews on equipment use, operation, and capabilities. Conducts aircrew chemical defense equipment training; instructs aircrew on ACDE donning, doffing, and decontaminating procedures. Provides or assists in training aircrew techniques such as evasion procedures, emergency egress, post ejection/bailout descent procedures, combat survival procedures, environmental hazards, and other survival actions. Plans, directs, organizes, and evaluates AFE operational aspects such as equipment accountability, personnel reliability, mobility readiness, and other activities necessary to meet operational readiness. Maintains associated databases to ensure equipment accountability. Establishes performance standards, improves work methods, and advises on inspection, repair, and repack of aircrew flight equipment. Ensures serviceability based on required specifications and technical publications. Evaluates problems and determines feasibility of repair or replacement related to inspecting and repairing fabric, rubber equipment, and parachutes. Prepares checklists and operating instructions for AFE activities. Develops lesson plan for aircrew training, safety, and other required programs. Assigns, trains, and prepares AFE personnel for deployment. Procures, maintains, stores, and prepares equipment for deployment. Inputs, maintains, and reviews data for status of resources and training system (SORTS). Determines facilities, funding, and mobility of AFE assets to support unit taskings. Develops and submits budget requirements. Requisitions AFE and supplies. Maintains custodial files for accounts such as supply and equipment, munitions, and test, measurement and diagnostic equipment. Obtains assistance from other agencies to support AFE. Manages unit and staff agency AFE programs. Provides unit and staff agency assistance to subordinate units to ensure AFE planning and training have been accomplished, and AFE directives are being followed. Analyzes training and deficiencies preventing accomplishment of wartime tasks. Conducts quality assurance inspections to ensure compliance with policies and directives. Identifies and documents equipment and p

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