Air Force Cyberspace OperationsOfficer

17D4 MOS

Job Detail

Executes cyberspace operations and information operations functions and activities. Plans, organizes and directs operations, including network attack (Net-A), network defense (Net-D), network warfare support (NS), network operations and related information operations. Such operations cover the spectrum of mission areas within the cyberspace domain.

Conducts and controls cyberspace operations. Performs cyberspace operations crew duties. Maintains readiness to conduct operations. Applies current directives for operating networks, executing missions, and controlling cyberspace operations activities. Provides information operations capabilities and delivers the Air Force portion of Global Information Grid. Provides cyberspace expertise to commanders and Joint Task Forces (JTF) for cyber operations, command and control communications, and information management. Responsible for cyberspace systems and architectures supporting operational needs. Translates system operational concepts, requirements, architectures, and designs into detailed engineering specifications and criteria. Formulates cyberspace operations policies. Develops policies and procedures for current and future cyberspace operations. Coordinates cyberspace operations activities. Develops and implements operational procedures and management agreements with sister services, Joint, and Coalition forces, to ensure effective cyberspace operations. Advises commanders and staff on capability of offensive and defensive units to meet operational requirements, and on matters of operational effectiveness, combat readiness, organization, and training. Plans, organizes, and directs cyberspace operations programs. Directs unit cyberspace operations activities. Reviews command mission for priorities and specific objectives. Directs preparation and management of budget estimates and financial plans based on operational requirements and resources.

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