Air Force Combat ControlOfficer

13X4 MOS

Job Detail

Provides command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C3ISR) to assist, control and enable the application of manned and unmanned, lethal and non-lethal airpower in all geographic and environmental conditions across the full spectrum of military operations. Includes terminal control (air traffic control [ATC]) and targeting, and control of air strikes (including close air support [CAS]) and use of visual and electronic aids to control airheads and enable precision navigation. Provides long-range voice and data command and control and communications. Performs tactical level surveillance and reconnaissance functions, fusing organic and remote controlled technologies and manned platforms to build the common operating picture (COP).

Plans, coordinates, and conducts reconnaissance and surveillance of potential assault zones, targets and areas of interest. Operates advanced technologies, including ground based sensors and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to support reconnaissance and target identification. Surveys runways, assault zones (drop, landing, forward area refueling points [FARP]) and other areas critical to aviation and records data for inclusion in mission plans. Reports current battlefield information. Plans, organizes, supervises, and establishes ATC in the target area. Initiates, coordinates, and issues ATC clearances, holding instructions, and advisories to maintain aircraft separation and promote safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of traffic under visual and conventional approach control flight rules. Operates and monitors portable and mobile communications equipment and terminal and tactical navigational aids required to control and support air traffic in forward areas. Evaluates and relays status of airfields and assault zones to inbound aircraft and higher headquarters. Provides limited weather observations, including surface and altitude wind data, temperature, and cloud heights. Prepares and issues advisories to pilots, ATC and other agencies concerning weather, notice-to-airmen information, air traffic flow control measures, and wake turbulence. Provides flight assistance and emergency service to air traffic. Records weather and ATC data. Controls vehicular traffic on the airport movement area. Identifies, assesses, and marks assault zones with visual and electronic navigational aids for day and night air-land and airdrop operations. Coordinates clearances, instructions, advisories, and air traffic movement with forward and rear area commanders. Uses ground-to-air communications equipment in conjunction with visual and electronic systems to control and expedite the movement of en route, arriving, and departing air traffic. Directs actions to handle aircraft emergencies or mishaps. Coordinates casualty and patient evacuation between aviation and medical personnel. Provides airlift operations support that cannot be provided by combat communications groups or other agencies. Operates global positioning systems (GPS) equipment for targeting, navigation, and for the location, assessment and establishment of assault zones. Coordinates airfield ground support (crash/fire/rescue, sweep). Targets and controls fires. Plans, coordinates, and conducts fires to accomplish supported commander objectives. Includes CAS and supporting arms for surface elements and C3ISR in support of combined forces air component commander (CFACC) assets. Employs visual and electronic navigation and marking equipment to direct aviation assets to target. Issues weapons release clearance. Deploys into semi- and non-permissive forward areas and forward operating locations by land (mounted, special purpose vehicle or dismounted), sea (surface or subsurface naval vessel, small watercraft, self contained underwater breathing apparatus [SCUBA], or surface swim) or air (parachute, airmobile, air-land) to participate in the full spectrum of military operations to include air expeditionary force (AEF), force projection, direct action (DA), counterterrorism (CT), counter-proliferation (CP), foreign internal defense (FID), humanitarian assistance (HA), special reconnaissance (SR), personnel recovery (PR), noncombatant evacuation operations (NEO), integrated survey program (ISP), counter narcotic (CN), operational preparation of the environment (OPE), advanced force operations (AFO) and fire support operations. Uses demolitions to remove obstacles affecting safe air traffic flow in the target area. Maintains qualification on primary assigned weapons.

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