Marine Corps Critical Skills OperatorEnlisted

0372 MOS

Job Detail

Slated to be active as of October 1, 2011, the MOS was created to act as the primary job field for Special Operations Infantry Marines assigned to Marine Corps Special Operations Command. MARSOC must hit a target number of close to 850 CSOs to outfit 48 fully operational Marine Special Operations Teams.

In addition to basic infantry skills, responsible for highly refined scouting and patrolling skills. Must possess advanced proficiency in scout swimming, small boat operations, close combat skills, airborne, surface and sub-surface insertion and extraction techniques, assault climbing, demolitions, forward observer procedures for supporting arms, initial terminal guidance operations for heliborne assaults, airborne insertion operations, and various waterborne operations. Specializes in communications, photography, threat weapons and equipment recognition, and various types of point, area, and related necessary overlap of ground amphibious reconnaissance operations. Marines assigned to assault teams possess advanced skills in assault weaponry, breaching demolitions, close quarter battle skills and raid techniques.

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